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PostgREST on RHEL 7.2

PostgREST is an HTTP server written in Haskell that serves a fully RESTful API from a PostgreSQL database. It generates the endpoints directly from the database schema so you do not have to write anything from scratch. You just download the binary, fire it up with a database connection string and you are good to go.

You won't find it as a .deb or .rpm package at the time of writing, so you have to install it manually and create your own startup scripts.

In this post I will describe how to do this on a Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 7.2) server in a managed SELinux context. The PostgreSQL database instance runs on the same server in this example.

Note that RHEL 7.2 ships with PostgreSQL 9.2 which is not supported by PostgREST so you have to upgrade to version 9.3 or later from the PostgreSQL repositories.

Download, install and test the binary  Download the tarball from the github repo. Select the Centos binary for compatibility with RHEL, then untar it and move it to a directory on …