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Lightweight web-based transactional systems

Reanimating a legacy system I have a set of data from an old legacy application that must be resurrected and web-enabled. The data was extracted from a relational database so it is structured in a conventional third-normal form, but the original application was pensioned off a long time ago, and probably a good thing too.
The user interface and its business logic must be rebuilt as a web-based transactional application so that the data can be accessible from a variety of devices, so I had to decide on a technology stack, but how? There are dozens of database systems, hundreds of software languages, scores of web-development frameworks, and more opinions about the matter than there are trolls on 9GAG.

The formal approach to making a decision would be to consider all the various technologies at each layer of the application stack and then weigh up the pros and cons of each.
A less formal approach would be to ask someone who has done this sort of thing before, like a grizzled Unix veter…