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Upgrade to Debian Jessie before the Official release date

I have been running Gnome Classic on Debian Wheezy for the last couple of years, but Debian Jessie will be released soon and it includes some interesting new packages:
Docker for Linux containersSteam for gaming (in non-free) ownCloud for private cloud storage systemd as default, which caused a lot of angst in the Debian community Unlike other distros, the Debian release policy is to release when it is good and ready. Jessie was frozen in November last year and the package maintainers are down to the last 55 Release Critical bugs, so Jessie is likely to be formally released in April this year.

None of my systems are mission-critical so I decided to do an in-place upgrade from Wheezy to Jessie now, before it is officially released.

It's all very straightforward if you follow the Debian instructions.

First, back up the data you care about to an external drive in the unlikely event that it all goes pear-shaped. You do backup regularly don't you? Good for you. I don't. Nobody …